07 Oct 2019

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Symptoms of Tongue Tie

The following is a list of common symptoms and side effects that are correlated with Tongue and Lip Ties. Early detection is key. Our clinic evaluates and treats babies starting at age 2 days old. If you notice any of these symptoms, no need to panic, it may not mean your child has a tongue tie. For diagnosis and evaluation call our office for a consultation.

Chronic Tension
Neck tension • torticollis • Tension headaches • TMJ issues • Facial strain (especially in lips)

Airway Issues
Sleep apnea • Mouth breathing • Enlarged tonsils • Poor sinus drainage

Trouble Eating
Gagging too much • Pickiness about textures • Chipmunking (piling food in cheeks) • Choking easily (aspiration) • Food falling out of mouth while eating

Trouble Speaking
Articulation errors • Delays in initiating speaking • Speech fatigue

Dental, Orthodontic, or Airway Issues
High Narrow Palate (teeth not fitting in mouth) • sleep apnea • Bottom, front teeth shifting in or being crooked • Space between the top front teeth • Decay in molars (especially the furthest back)

Trouble Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding
Persistently shallow latch • Clicking, chomping, grinding • Air swallowing (gulping, gas, reflux) • Poor breast emptying (plugs, infections, low supply) • Inflammation (oversupply, vasospasms, aching, nipple blebs) • Poor stamina (short frequent feedings or very long feedings) • Cracked, compressed, blanching, throbbing, or blistered nipples • Low weight gain or weight gain that declines after 12 weeks old • Blisters on the lips • Spilling milk out of the sides of the mouth

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