07 Oct 2019

About Procedures

Our Procedures

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for mothers and children through integrative health care. Alongside our pediatric dental team, we include treatments with a licensed therapist and an Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultant to support and answer any questions during and after the time of the release.

Pediatric Procedure

Prior to any release, a consultation is completed by a Pediatric Specialist trained to preform tongue and lip tie releases. The specialist will first evaluate the function and restriction of the tongue or lip tie, and if diagnosed, the doctor will review the procedure along with the risks and benefits of the procedure with the family. A child’s ability to physiologically adapt will also be determined and compared to the ability to thrive. Due to the complex nature regarding predictions for growth and development, a collaborative approach is our preferred method for diagnosis. Our releases are performed with a laser and hemostasis is established. This makes post-op care significantly safer and faster than other methods, especially for younger patients.

Lactation Procedure

Lactation support from a certified IBCLC Lactation Consultant will be present on the day of the clinic to assist with latching immediately following the procedure. Our one-on-one session will help guide mommy and baby to obtain an optimal latch. Our Lactation Consultant will also devise a personalized plan for feeding during the recovery period as needed. You will have the tools for equipping your baby with the resilience that we know is strong in small children. We encourage all mothers to work with a Lactation Consultant prior to and post-release for ongoing support.

Body Work Procedure

Bodywork for the baby will be evaluated and performed prior to the release procedure to treat resistances that lead to decreased function of the body’s natural integrative processes. This gentle procedure will naturally influence neurological pathways of the entire body to enhance the release performed in the mouth. The outcome of the work helps the many muscles and nerves work in harmony to maximize the effectiveness of the release of the tethered oral tissue.

After Care Procedure

Aftercare is a vital part of success in changing the tethered oral tissue. Enabling the tissue to develop and grow in the unrestricted direction that allows thriving is the basis of aftercare. Specifics to the procedure or procedures will be covered in detail and tailored to your specific recovery process. Common aftercare procedures include oral stretches, traditional and/or holistic approaches to handling discomfort, and information to our exclusive support group which gives you full access to our entire staff after-hours.

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