Amanda Howell, IBCLC
07 Oct 2019

Amanda Howell, IBCLC

Amanda Howell is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) with seventeen years of experience helping women through individualized and compassionate care. She has worked with families in a range of settings from hospitals to homes, both in the United States and abroad; she is thrilled to join the team at the NC Tongue and Lip Tie Clinic.

With six years of experience in tongue tie and oral dysfunction, Amanda knows that no two cases are the same. Her goal is to work with each family through a holistic approach that starts with education, grows through partnership and gives families the confidence and continued support to practice integrative strategies for breastfeeding in the home.

Through a calming therapeutic presence, Amanda creates a space where mothers and babies can feel safe and supported. Helping families gives her joy and fills her soul. Amanda resides in Concord, North Carolina with her five children. Her favorite forms of self-care are getting a massage, practicing yoga, and spending time with dear friends.

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